Gifts of Art/Personal Property

Donations of manuscripts, art, real estate, and other types of tangible personal property help to enrich the Wellesley community and may offer benefits for you too.

Gifts of real estate and tangible personal property such as artwork, books and manuscripts, jewelry, antiques, and collections may be donated to Wellesley during your lifetime or by bequest. Tax and financial benefits depend on the asset given, as well as the structure and purpose of the gift.

In order to maintain standards, the College applies special policies and conditions to the acceptance of gifts and tangible property. The 1996 Wellesley College Policy on Gifts of Tangible Property describes these in detail, including procedures and regulations specific to the Davis Museum and the Wellesley College Library, as well as to gifts of real estate.

Download the Wellesley College Policy on Gifts of Tangible Property (PDF) >

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If you are contemplating donating real estate or tangible property, we encourage you to contact the Office for Resources at or call 800.358.3543.