Wellesley Clubs

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Your club contact is:

Melissa Thoma '10
Club President
Email: WCIndianapolis@alum.wellesley.edu


Club Dues

The local Wellesley Alumnae Clubs exist for the benefit of the local alumnae and are supported by local donations. Our Club relies primarily on annual dues to keep our club active, informed, and involved. Your annual dues are used to finance our annual contribution to the College and to fund Book Awards, club events, and club mailings. Our gift to the college supports both the Frances Hershey Moore Faculty Salary Advancement Fund and the Indianapolis Wellesley Club Scholarship Fund.

Please send your dues of $20 (payable to the Wellesley College Fund) to:
Nancy Stone Dickinson '55
5173 N. Kenwood Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Please note that if you are a "young alumna", your dues are only $10.00.