Club President: Lillian Chun '92

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Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley Website
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Wellesley College Alumnae of Silicon Valley and the SF Bay Area

With 480 members, we have one of the largest Wellesley Alumnae LinkedIn groups in the country and the best for connecting with alumnae anywhere in northern CA! Most of us realize the value of the Wellesley network, which is legendary, and while still most powerful in person, LinkedIn provides an outstanding way for you to find those who you may want to most connect with in person. You can find people in a similar field, a mentor who is more senior, someone who can give you inside info on a company. Post jobs to ensure you get a super qualified Wellesley candidate or look here for postings where you can get an inside edge. Share professional meetings / tidbits you think would be interesting. Let's get to 500 members this year and continue to build on our network. You never know when you'll need it, so start cultivating it now!



Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley

With nearly 300 members, our Facebook group is another great forum for connecting - with a slightly different purpose - so join both LinkedIn and Facebook groups! This is a great place to find out about club activities. Nearly all club events are posted here - including some that are more spontaneous and never quite make it into the newsletter due to timing. This is a less formal group too, so you can use it to query the network for tips. Need a place to live? A babysitter? A dentist? Have you published a book, gotten a promotion, or had a child? Let us know! Want the opinions of brilliant women on a fascinating news story or a vacation spot? Just ask. Join now!


Bay Area Wellesley Young Alumnae Network

Young alumnae are those who have graduated in the past 10 years. After joining the Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley group, add this one too, if you're a younger alum. This is a forum for those in their 20s to discuss issues most pertinent to them. Looking for a roommate? Need advice on grad schools? Selling or looking for furnitiure? Wondering where the best happy hour might be? This is a good spot to look.

Membership to all of these networks requires approval to ensure that we can have conversations limited to alumnae and without fear of spam. Once approved, anyone can post at any time. Please join the conversation! Questions? Contact Sandy Kraft or via Facebook or LinkedIn!