Wellesley's educational experience for alumnae throughout the years.

The Association is pleased to provide information regarding alumnae course auditing. Alumnae have the opportunity to sign up for courses in advance of any other constituency.

To sign up for a class:

  1. Review the catalog of available courses. To ensure alumnae have first choice, we have posted the course list in the online Community. You must sign-in to the online Community to view the course listing. Sign in here to view the course offerings

    Additional information on the courses can be found in the course catalog. To find a specific course, select the "Semester" Box and then the corresponding department in the "Department" box. Then click the "Search" button. Find your class in the result list. Click the "more" in the last column to see the course description. Please remember that not all courses are open to auditors and you should contact only professors whose courses are listed in the online Community.

  2. Email the faculty member directly to request space in a class. Please note that the catalog posted in the Community includes each professor's email address.

Auditor Facts

  • Each auditor is permitted to audit one class per semester. In the interest of fairness, we hope everyone will abide by this policy.
  • Auditor spots are at the sole discretion of the faculty member and are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • You should speak to the faculty member directly about inviting you into the course site, using your current email address.  
  • Before classes start double check the Registrar's official schedule as times and rooms can change.


Parking Info

You must have a permit to park on campus. Please visit Campus Police (located on the main level of the garage) to fill out the necessary forms and pay the required fees. Payment for fees is accepted by check made out to Wellesley College. Once you have a permit you will be able to park in the garage.