Faculty Speaker Program

Each year, at the invitation of the Alumnae Office, members of the Wellesley College faculty and administration speak to 50-60 alumnae clubs and informal groups around the country, and occasionally, overseas.

The Faculty Speaker Program is intended to provide intellectual stimulation, reflect the ongoing excellence of the Wellesley faculty, describe new programs at the College, and offer a means for alumnae to connect with each other and the College. Some club events include high school students and/or guidance counselors, and serve as a student recruitment tool.

Who Are the Speakers?

Members of the Wellesley College faculty and administration may be invited to speak to Wellesley clubs. If a member of the College Board of Trustees or the Alumnae Association Board of Directors lives in your area, this person can also be invited to speak to the local club.

View the list of faculty speakers and their topics here.

For Wellesley Faculty: If you are interested in participating in the Faculty Speaker Program, please complete the online form.

What Are the Topics?

Wellesley faculty are most effective when they speak about their own research or on a topic of current interest in their field. Clubs may request an individual professor, a member of a particular academic department, or a speaker on a specific topic. Faculty members are also willing to answer questions about teaching, the curriculum, and current life at Wellesley. Members of the College administration can offer a broad update on the College today ("News from Lake Waban") or a closer look at a specific program or area, such as the Davis Museum and Cultural Center, or College finances. You are free to "negotiate" a topic that is mutually acceptable to both speaker and club.

View the list of faculty speakers and their topics here.


When Faculty travel to clubs for the WCAA's Speaker Program, the Alumnae Association will reimburse for all costs associated with the professor's travel, meals, and lodging. Clubs are responsible for all costs associates with the club program, i.e. refreshments, venue, rental equipment, etc. Clubs that arrange for their own speaker without the involvement or approval of the Alumnae Office are responsible for covering the speaker's travel and lodging expenses.

To Request a Speaker

Complete the Faculty Speaker Request Form using the list of speakers who have offered to visit Wellesley clubs or by requesting speakers who do not appear on this list. Be sure to indicate a first, second, and third choice. If we are unable to meet your preferences, we will discuss with you other possible speakers. Return the Speaker Request Form before August 30th.

Remember that requests are filled on a first-come, first-served basis within specific budget constraints. Every effort is made to coordinate a speaker's travel schedule to allow the possibility of visiting more than one club in an area.

The Alumnae Office will write to the club and to the speaker well in advance of the program to confirm the date and time. It is then up to the president or program chair of the club to call the speaker to arrange details of the engagement.

Speakers often schedule other professional or personal travel around the club date. It is extremely important that an engagement not be canceled or changed once it has been arranged.


At least six weeks prior to the speaker's engagement, the Alumnae Office will send biographical information to the club president or program chair for use in publicizing the event to alumnae, parents of current students, and prospective students. Clubs are encouraged to submit a brief announcement of the program in the local newspaper and to consider opening the program to the general public and/or other college alumnae groups. Many clubs have also co-sponsored speaker events with clubs nearby as a way to boost attendance.

Please feel free to contact Leah Driska, Assistant Director of Clubs, at 781-283-2310 or ldriska@wellesley.edu with any questions.