It is the responsibility of the treasurer to solicit members for dues on a regular schedule.

It is general practice to solicit dues in a newsletter, although a club may also send a separate mailing to area alumnae just for this purpose. The treasurer is also responsible for setting the financial guidelines for the management of club funds.

Club officers often ask questions about membership:

  • How do we encourage alumnae to join their local Wellesley club?
  • How do we convince them that their membership strengthens the club, and the club, in turn, can then strengthen the link between the college and alumnae?
  • How do we convince them that by supporting a Wellesley club, they are reaffirming their commitment to excellence in education for women now and in years to come?

Soliciting Dues

The Alumnae Association suggests the following guidelines for soliciting dues:

  • Be clear and specific as to what dues are used for on the solicitation form.
  • A personal note on a solicitation generally yields better results.

Setting the Dues Fees:

The treasurer, in conjunction with the rest of the club officers, should use the following parameters when determining the fee for club dues:

  • When was the last solicitation of dues and how successful was it?
  • What is the current postage rate for a first class mailing and is an increase anticipated?
  • What is the size of your club?
  • Is your current treasury in good shape?
  • What are the general major expenses of the club (i.e., newsletters, directories, mailings, book awards, general operating expenses, etc.)?
  • What is the anticipated cost of sending the club president or other officers to Alumnae Leadership Council?