Requirements for the Asian American Studies Minor

The Asian American Studies minor consists of five units:

1. AMST 151, The Asian American Experience

2. A course that examines race, ethnicity, immigration, or minority politics in the North American or South American context, such as EDUC 212, HIST 203, HIST 244, POL1 210

3. A course that examines history, culture, or politics in the Asian region, such as CHIN 209, JPN 352, HIST 270, HIST 277, POL3 227, REL 259 or SAS 206

4. Two courses on Asian American topics, such as AMST 116 /ENG 116, AMST 212, AMST 222/PSYC 222, WGST 249, WGST 305

A maximum of two units, including AMST 151, may be taken at the 100 level. At least one unit must be at the 300 level. Four units must be taken at Wellesley. American Studies majors minoring in Asian American Studies must decide whether to count an eligible course toward the major or the minor. 

Courses for Credit Toward the Asian American Studies Minor

To fulfill requirements 2 and 3, the following categories of courses may be included in an Asian American Studies minor. To ensure that appropriate courses have been selected, students should consult with the program director or their minor advisor.

1.     Courses about the history, culture, religion, or politics of America, such as AMST 152 Race, Ethnicity and Politics in America; EDUC 212 Seminar: History of American Education; HIST 244 The History of the American West: Manifest Destiny to Pacific Imperialism; REL 218 Religion in America.

2.     Courses about the history, culture, religion, or politics of East, South or Southeast Asia, such as CAMS 205/JPN 256 History of Japanese Cinema; POL2 211 Politics of South Asia; POL3 227 The Vietnam War; REL 259 Christianity in Asia; or SAS 302 Traditional Narratives of South Asia.

3.     Courses about minority groups defined by race, ethnicity, class, caste, or gender in either of the above regions, such as HIST 252 The Twentieth-Century Black Freedom Struggle; HIST 275 The Emergence of Ethnic Identities in Modern South Asia; or SPAN 255 Chicano Literature: From the Chronicles to the Present.

4.     Courses about comparative or theoretical frameworks for comprehending America and Asia, including empire, immigration, and globalization, such as LING 312 Bilingualism: An Exploration of Language, Mind, and Culture; POL2 204 Political Economy of Development and Underdevelopment; SOC 221 Globalization; or WGST 206 Migration, Gender, and Globalization.