Alice C. Cole '42 Awards

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"What I hope to provide is a "breathing space" early in an individual's career that will stimulate creativity and allow time to focus on career objectives, freeing the individual from concentration on purely monetary achievents."     

-Alice C. Cole '42


The Alice C. Cole '42 Fellowship is awarded to an outstanding early-career painter or sculptor, providing funds to support one year of unimpeded time and space to experiment, develop a body of work, and focus on future artistic goals, with a solo exhibition hosted by Wellesley College to conclude the fellowship. The fellowship is made possible by the generous bequest of Wellesley Alumna Alice C. Cole '42. Aware of the burdens that face recent graduates of art school, Ms. Cole makes it possible for an artist to have 'a limited time free of economic necessity'-- an immensely valuable gift.


The Alice C. Cole '42 Alumnae Award provides project-based support to Wellesley College alumnae for the development, production, and exhibition of new work in painting and sculpture. The fund enables promising Wellesley College artist alumnae to set aside time for artistic development as well as to purchase materials, rent studio space, or access facilities for the creation of new projects.  The award is open to Wellesley College alumnae who are practicing artists within 5 years of earning a BA degree from Wellesley, or Wellesley graduates within 5 years of completing a graduate degree in fine art or another field.


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"My interest is to insure that creative art is nurtured." -Alice C. Cole '42

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