Recommended Courses

The following courses are recommended to students designing a program of study in architecture.

Those marked in blue are required of all majors. Additional courses may be applicable and some are not offered yearly, so each student should develop her program of study in active consultation with her advisor. 

History of Art

ARTH 100 Introduction to the History of Art Part I: Ancient and Medieval Art 

ARTH 101 Introduction to the History of Art Part II: Renaissance to the Present 

ARTH 200 Architecture and Urban Form 

ARTH 201 Medieval Art and Architecture 

ARTH 202 Byzantine Art and Architecture 

ARTH 203 Near Eastern Art and Architecture 

ARTH 228 Modern Architecture  

ARTH 230 Frank Lloyd Wright and the American Home 

ARTH 231 Architecture and Urbanism in North America 

ARTH 236 Art, Architecture, and Culture in the Ancient Americas 

ARTH 237 Art, Architecture, and Culture in Post-Conquest Mexico 

ARTH 238 Chinese Art and Architecture 

ARTH 240 Asian Art and Architecture 

ARTH 241 Egyptian Art and Archaeology 

ARTH 243 Art and Society in the Roman World: Sex, Sacrifice, Banquets, Baths, and Death 

ARTH 245 House and Home: Domestic Architecture, Interiors, and Material Life in North America, 1600-1900 

ARTH 247 Islamic Art and Architecture

ARTH 249 Japanese Art & Architecture 

ARTH 259 The Art and Architecture of the European Enlightenment 

ARTH 266 New Perspectives on the Global City 

ARTH 267 Cross-Cultural Encounters in the Medieval Mediterranean  

ARTH 268 Art, Architecture, and Pilgrimage in the Medieval World 

ARTH 289 European Art and Architecture, 1750–1900 

ARTH 309 Seminar. Problems in Architectural History 

ARTH 318 Seminar. New England Arts and Architecture  

ARTH 320 Seminar. American Architecture 

ARTH 325 Seminar. Rococo and Neoclassical Interiors 

ARTH 332 Seminar. Topics in Medieval Art 

ARTH 340 Seminar. Topics in American Art 

ARTH 344 Seminar. Topics in Islamic Art 

Studio Art

ARTS 105 Drawing I 

ARTS 109 Two-Dimensional Design 

ARTS 113 Three-Dimensional Design 

ARTS 207 Sculpture I 

ARTS 216 Spatial Investigations 

ARTS 217 Life Drawing 

ARTS 219 Introductory Print Methods: Lithography/Monotype 

ARTS 220 Introductory Print Methods: Intaglio/Relief 

ARTS 221/CAMS 239 Digital Imaging 

ARTS 222 Introductory Print Methods: Typography/Book Arts 

ARTS 255 Dynamic Interface Design 

ARTS 307 Sculpture II 

ARTS 314 Advanced Drawing 

ARTS 317 Seminar. Topics in the Visual Arts 

ARTS 321 Advanced New Media 

ARTS 322 Advanced Print Concepts 


4.111* Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design or 4.111A (IAP  intensive) 

4.112* Architecture Design Fundamentals I  

4.113 Architecture Design Fundamentals II 

4.411 Building Technology Lab 

4.401 Architecture Building Systems 

4.500 Introduction to Design Computing 

4.114 Architectural Design Studio I 

4.115 Applied Architectural Design Studio II 

4.440 Building Structural Systems I 

4.441 Building Technology Laboratory 

*Note: MIT courses marked with * are counted as “within the Department of Art”; all others are counted as courses outside the department. 


MATH 115 Calculus I 

MATH 116 Calculus II 

MATH 120 Calculus IIA 

MATH 205 Multivariable Calculus 

Note: More advanced courses may also be counted toward the major. 


PHYS 104 Fundamentals of Mechanics with Laboratory 

PHYS 107 Principles and Applications of Mechanics with Laboratory  

Theatre Studies

THST 209 Introduction to the Art of Scenic Design 

Olin College 

ENGR 2199 Engineering for Humanity