About Evening Activities at the Observatory

Night time is work time for classes and research at the Observatory. We regret that we're unable to receive calls and visitors after regular College business hours except during designated special events; we appreciate your consideration.

If you are visiting us for a designated evening special event, please note that the Observatory driveway and circle are closed to vehicles every night from sunset until sunrise. There are several reasons for restricting access to pedestrians only, the primary one being safety. There are no streetlights at the Observatory, and there may be people studying constellations, using portable outdoor telescopes, or just walking to/from the Observatory in twilight or in the dark. Headlights must not be used because they disrupt observers both in the domes and out on the grounds, and the rising heat plume from vehicle exhaust degrades the quality of images being taken by the 24-in research telescope.

Directions and Parking

The Whitin Observatory is located on the campus of Wellesley College. To find Wellesley College from off campus, refer to the travel directions and area maps.

To find Whitin Observatory and the location for visitor parking on the Wellesley College campus, consult the map below. The travel directions bring you to the “WEST Entry” marked at the top of the map.

During business hours (8:30-4:30 M-F)

Although the Davis Parking Facility near the West Entry has the most space for visitor parking, a limited number of additional spaces considerably closer to the Whitin Observatory are reserved for visitors at the south end of the Gray Lot. Be aware that other parking on campus is by permit only (more information about campus parking).

After business hours

After business hours, visitors may park in the Gray Lot as marked on the map below.

Campus Map with Parking Indicated