Public Events

Public nights are free and will be held regardless of weather conditions. No reservations are required.

Children must be supervised by their grownups. We regret that we cannot accommodate groups.

If you are visiting us for a Whitin Night, please know that the Observatory driveway and circle are closed to vehicles after sunset.  Please see this link for directions and information about parking.

Fall 2017 (see previous events on Facebook)

Talks and activities happen at the scheduled time, rain or shine, and telescopic observing only if skies are clear. 

9/29 Friday, 7:00 PM: Cassini takes the plunge.: a talk by Prof. Richard French, Director of the Whitin Observatory and Leader of the Cassini Radio Science Team. Observing with our telescopes will follow the talk if skies are clear.

10/28 Saturday, 7:00 PM: International Observe the Moon Night. Come engage in Moon-related activities, and if skies are clear, see the Moon through our telescopes.

11/17 Friday, 7:00 PM: Kids' Night at the Observatory. Come take part in kid-friendly space-themed activities (best for elementary schoolers), and if skies are clear,  see the night sky through our telescopes. (NOTE change of date from 11/10 to 11/17.)

12/8 Friday, 7:00 PM: Student Project Showcase. Come and learn about the research our students have been doing, and if skies are clear, view the night sky through our telescopes.