Public Events

Public nights are free and will be held regardless of weather conditions. No reservations are required.

Children must be supervised by their grownups. We regret that we cannot accommodate groups.

If you are visiting us for a Whitin Night, please know that the Observatory driveway and circle are closed to vehicles after sunset. (more information)

Fall 2014

Talks and activities happen at the scheduled time rain or shine, and telescopic observing only if skies are clear.

  • Fri. September 5:  Come celebrate International Observe the Moon Night with us from 7:30-9:30pm featuring
    • 7:30pm tour of the Observatory's historic 12" refractor
    • 7:45pm presentation by Professor Wendy Bauer entitled One Giant Leap--what Apollo taught us about the Moon (and a close-up view of our own little piece of Moon rock!)
    • dark until 9:30 telescopes will be open for Moon viewing if weather permits.
  • October 8:  Before sunrise!  5:15am  **CANCELLED due to rain forecast**
    • If it is clear, astronomy faculty and students will be up at the Observatory early in the morning to watch the Total Lunar Eclipse.  From this region we will see a partial eclipse beginning at 5:15am, with totality unfortunately beginning just as the Moons sets, around 6:30am.   From Whitin Observatory, the Moon will get too low to see by about 6am.  If you want to see it longer, you'll have to find a spot with a clear view of the Western Horizon.
  • November TBD
  • Fri. December 5: Rosetta--Talk at 7:15 (with observing from 7-9pm if clear)
    • The Rosetta Mission  is set to put a lander on a Comet in November.   Come hear Professor Wendy Bauer give her final talk before she retires and moves West!
    • If it is clear, come view the late Fall sky through our historic refractor and other telescopes.



Other Local Programs

Several local observatories frequently offer programs that are open to the general public. We recommend the weekly programs at: