The Whitin Observatory is the home of the Wellesley College Astronomy Department and houses classrooms, astronomy laboratory facilities, the Astronomy Library, and faculty offices. 

Built in 1900, and enlarged in 1906, 1966, and 2010, it is considered an unusually fine facility for undergraduate training in astronomy. Read about the Whitin Observatory Construction Project: Links to the Past and a Vision for the Future. (ca. 2001, PDF file, 1 Mb; requires Acrobat Reader.)

Telescopes at Whitin Observatory

8-in Meade LX-200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes Fitz/Clark 12-inch refractor Sawyer 24-inch reflector
8-in Meade LX-200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, used hands-on in the introductory astronomy laboratories for visual observing, film astrophotography, and digital imaging.  Fitz/Clark 12-in refractor, used for introductory astronomy subjects.   Sawyer 24-in reflector, used for ASTR 206 and for student and faculty research.  


Students in the introductory subjects also use the Clark 6-in refractor, and the Hale spectrohelioscope to study the spectrum of the Sun.