Physical Education, Recreation, Athletics

PERA's mission is to foster a "culture of fitness" for students, faculty and staff at Wellesley College.

We pursue this mission not only because fitness is a key component to a well-rounded liberal arts education, but because recent research shows that regular physical activity enhances memory, improves cognition and problem-solving abilities, and elevates one's overall sense of well-being.

PERA offers three programs for students: 

  • Physical Education, with classes ranging from Archery to Zumba
  • Recreation, with intramurals, dance and sport clubs, walk-in fitness classes, outdoor education, and more
  • Athletics, a competitive, intercollegiate sports program with 14 varsity teams

For faculty and staff, PERA supports the Wellness program, which offers a variety of fitness classes for employees, and is an active partner in Wellesley's Healthy You Initiative .

Contact Us

Contact Us

Bridget Belgiovine
Chair and Director of Athletics

Monica Verity  
Director of Recreation

Tom Wilson
Physical Education

Marni Friedman

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