Sherry Makerney

(781) 283-2005
Physical Ed. Recreation & Athletics
B.S., University of Northern Colorado

Sherry D. Makerney
PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice

Head golf coach and LPGA Class A teaching professional


I am proud to serve as the coach for our golf team. I have been a golf professional for more than 10 years. My primary interests have been in teaching the game of golf to all levels of players. Other aspects of my position include teaching physical education golf classes throughout the year; organizing golf tournaments; creating fundraising activities; and managing the golf team’s schedule, budget, travel, equipment, and recruiting. I also serve the Wellesley community as a golf instructor at Nehoiden and Wellesley Country Club.

I am currently pursuing a Pilates certification, which would allow me to create better golf-specific workouts for the team and others.

I enjoy golf, tennis, snowboarding, biking, Pilates, and yoga. I also play the violin.


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