First Year Only courses focus on achieving physical fitness and wellness skills through an interactive, team-based approach. Students learn the fundamental principles and benefits of exercise that meet their fitness and wellness goals. Students are introduced to nutritional concepts that assist them in making healthy eating choices, develop resiliency skills for balancing college and life stressors, and learn useful time management tips for busy academic and co-curricular schedules. Upon completion of this course, first year students will possess the necessary knowledge that promotes positive lifestyle choices and enhances their transition and overall college experience. 

Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of the first year course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental fitness principles and benefits of an integrated approach to enhance strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness
  • Develop exercise strategies for achieving fitness goals and exercise adherence 
  • Learn useful time management tips to effectively meet academic deadlines and enhance study habits
  • Develop resiliency skills in order to create effective coping mechanisms, maximize the body’s relaxation capabilities, and adapt well to college and life stressors
  • Learn essential nutritional concepts that are related to healthy eating, improved intellectual and physical performance, and positive behavioral mood states
  • Create class/community support for maintaining positive exercise and wellness habits
FYO Classes, Fall Semester FYO Classes, Spring Semester
MTh 8:30am, Couch to 5K, Pickul
MTh 1:40pm, Beginning Yoga, Owen
TF 8:30am, Pilates, Magill
TF 9:50am, Spinning, King
TF 1:40pm, Fusion Fitness, Bauman
TF 3:00pm, Fusion Fitness, Bauman
TF 3:00pm, Zumba, Grande
MTh 3:00pm, Continuing Yoga, Owen
TF 8:30am, Pilates, Magill
TF 11:10am, Fusion Fitness, McPhee
TF 1:40pm, Fusion Fitness, King

Student comments about FYO PE courses:

I really enjoyed this class because of the supportive atmosphere and the skills/exercises that I took away from it. 

This class was so much fun! I really did enjoy that it was only first years because I feel like all of us got to be really good friends, partly because of that.

It helped me be more "mindful," and somewhat put things in perspective. Focusing on something beyond school helped me become more mentally balanced and destress. It was also extremely satisfying seeing myself getting better.

I really loved learning about the everyday health component. My Pilates instructor was really great about reminding us about needing Vitamin D (which I was not aware of), cognitive functioning (like working out everyday or every other day), aware of your body, importance of sleep, posture when sitting all day (and balance with studying and working out), and just so much. I loved it very much. I also want to say, that I worked out for an hour instead of an extra hour of study, and felt so relaxed going into my midterm, and end up getting my best grade on it.