Students may earn PE credit for participating in college-sponsored recreational programs that include at least 10 hours of physically active, formal, progressive instruction under the guidance of a qualified instructor. This option is available to students only once during their Wellesley career, for a max of two credits, regardless of activity or the number of times a student participates. Participants on PERA-supported club sports may earn a max of four credits. 

Recreation programs for credit

PERA-supported Clubs (4 cr max)
Equestrian Club
Ice Hockey
Rugby Club
Sailing Team
Ski Team (Alpine and Nordic)
Ultimate Frisbee
Water Polo
Wellesley College Dancers

PE Crew (2 cr max)
Dorm & Class Crew

Certification Programs (2 cr max)
Aerobics instructor
Lifeguard certification
RAD Self Defense
Emergency Medical Team (4 cr max)

Student Orgs  (2 cr max)
Ballroom Dance Team
Belly Dancing Society
Cielito Lindo
Club Badminton
Club Soccer
Culture Shows (KSA, CSA, Slater, WASAC)
Martial Arts at Wellesley
Outing Club
Synchronized Swimming
Table Tennis Club
Tennis Club


Club credit registration form 
Attendance Log (club president)

Sport and Dance Clubs

To earn credit for club participation, students must follow the guidelines below:

Students may earn credit only for participation on an established dance or sport club.  To be “established,” a club must be recognized by the by Student Activities (now Student Involvement) and College Government for at least three consecutive semesters before members are eligible for credit. 

To be eligible for credit, a students must complete the online club credit request form Students who request club credit after mid-semester or whose names appear on a club attendance sheet without prior contact will NOT earn credit.

Students must participate in at least 10 sessions (i.e., practices or competitions) to earn credit.   Each session must be at least one hour long; if a session lasts more than one hour it still counts as only one session. (For instance, a three-hour competition counts as one session, not three sessions.) 

At the conclusion of the semester, the club president must submit an attendance log that includes all the students eligible for credit and the dates and lengths of the practices they attended.  We award credit based on these records, so they must be neat and accurate.  Our department has a standard "club sport attendance form," which presidents can get from Tom Wilson, PE Registrar.

PE credit for club activities is not awarded retroactively.

Dorm and Class Crew

Students may earn 2 credit points by practicing for and participating in the intramural Dorm Crew race in November or the intramural Class Crew race in May. While students are welcome to participate in these races as many times as they like, they may only earn credit once, for a total of 2 points. Organizational meetings for Dorm Crew are held each September; meetings for Class Crew are in March. Contact the Varsity Crew Coach for details. Prerequisite: Swim Test

Recreation Programs not for Credit

Walk-in recreation fitness classes (aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.)
Intramural leagues (volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.)
One-day recreation programs (tournaments, fun runs, etc.)