PE Courses

Physical education activity classes are scheduled for either a semester (12 weeks) or a term (6 weeks). A semester course counts as 4 credits while a term course counts as 2. The student will accept responsibility for the content of the course, for regular attendance, and for keeping the instructor informed in matters relating to attendance. All classes are graded on a Credit/Non-Credit basis: 

  • CR - Credit for course completed satisfactorily.
  • NC - No Credit. The student has not completed the course satisfactorily. Inadequate familiarity with the content of the course or excessive absences may result in an NC grade.

Courses may be taken only once for credit. Students who have already received credit for the semester version of a given class (e.g., Semester Golf) are not eligible to receive credit for its term version (Term Golf). However, students who have already earned credit for the term version of a class are eligible to receive credit for its semester version. Partial credit is not awarded for partial completion of a class. (top)



Registration for Physical Education courses occurs online, via Banner Self Service. Students are able to enroll in one (1) class online and place themselves on one (1) waitlist. For more information on Registration, click here(top)


Auditor Registration

Students who have already completed the PE Requirement (“auditors”) are able to register for classes online on the second day of each registration. There is no limit to the number of classes students may audit during their time at Wellesley. (top)



Fees may be charged for some activities for instructional materials or travel. Information may be obtained from the Physical Education Registrar, ext. 2004, or at the first class meeting. (top)


Medical Restrictions

Students with medical restrictions must meet with the College Health Services Staff to be placed on the Department’s Medical Restrictions List. Assistance in choosing appropriate courses is available from the Department Health Services Liaison. In cases where appropriate activities are not available in the curriculum, a Modified Program may be arranged individually through the Physical Education Liaison. No student is exempt from the physical education requirement. (top)



While most Wellesley physical education classes do not require pre-requisites, those that do are noted in the online catalogue and on the PE Curriculum page. In addition, certain nautical activities may require one or both of the following:

Swim Test

A Swim test is required for any activity on the lake and is granted upon successful completion of a swim test offered during recreational swimming. The test includes: a) jumping into deep water fully clothed and then disrobing; b) treading, floating or survival floating; c) swimming 20 yards; and d) learning the proper use of a life jacket. A student may present a valid Lifeguard Training, or Water Safety Instructor Certificate in place of the swim test. The swim test is administered during Recreational pool hours, which can be found at

Sailing Test

Light Wind Rating. Required to use a sail boat during recreational hours in light winds. Test: Written test on terminology; demonstration of knowledge of basic knots, rigging a boat, sailing a short course and landing boat satisfactorily. A crew is optional.
Heavy Wind Rating. Required to sail a boat during recreational hours in a wind over 10 knots. Test: Some dinghy racing experience on or off campus required. Demonstration of ability to handle Tech dinghy in winds over 10 knots. (top)