WC Great Race-2013 In Color



April 13th 2013 1pm

Come join the fun and walk, run, skip, or jump this happy course on campus.  We also need volunteers to cover your friends in powder. 

Space is limited. - SORRY THE 2013 Great Race is FULL.  You can still join the fun by volunteering

at a color station. 

Sign up here-  GREAT RACE

Download Waiver.  Please bring this form with you on race day. 

Details, Details, Details...

What it is-  The great race is an annual event on the Wellesley Campus that is all about fun.  This year the event will involve getting blasted by color.  You start as a tidy clean being; as you pass through the color zones you will be blasted with different colors at each station. By the time we are done with you, it will appear as if you’ve been dipped in a rainbow! Prepare yourself for the time of your life!

Is it really a race-  Not at all, we probably should come up with a new name.  If you want you can run fast but this event is about fun.  You are welcome to walk, jump, hop, or skip the 2 mile course if you want. 

Where do we meet- In the parking lot above the softball field at 12:45pm, you can check out the course map below.  Race starts at 1pm so please come at 12:30 if you need to fill out a waiver. 

What do I wear- Wear as much white as you can.  Some folks like to wear sunglasses to make sure nothing gets in their eyes and bandanas over their mouth.   

What is the price-  We only charge a small fee to recover the cost of materials.  Students are $5, Faculty and Staff are $10 and visitors are $20.  If that is out of your price range we want you to come out and have fun anyway, just let us know.  Registration will open to non-Wellesley on the Thursday before the race. 

How far will I go- The total course is about 2 miles over pavement and dirt so you won't want to wear your new heels. 

What are you coloring me with?
Well that’s top secret! But I will tell you that it is 100% edible and biodegradable, so no worries. You could eat the stuff if you would like, although I don’t recommend it.

Is it harmful to me or this sexy earth?
NO, No, & No, now I don’t recommend eating, or cooking with the remnants of this stuff but it is 1000% biodegradable and would make phenomenal compost. 

Contact Us

Contact Us

Monica Verity 
Director of Recreation

Rebecca Kimball
Director of Sports Performance & Fitness


Bonnie Dix
Head Swimming Coach

Callie Lekas
Recreation Coordinator


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