WC Great Race- 2012 (hidden)

The Wellesley College Great Race

2012 What a Race!!  Can't wait to see everyone next year.....

2012 Overall Winners

Just hanging around.......

Who:  You and 1-3 of your closest friends, or maybe someone you meet on the street. 

What:  The greatest scavenger hunt in the history of Wellesley College.

Where:  Meet at the Turf Field near the sports center at 3pm.

When:  April 14th

Why:  It's fun (well we think it is anyway).  If you aren't out to have fun this is probably not the event for you.

How:  Most of the details are secret.  You will need to bring your thinking cap and be ready to have fun.

Winning:  There are several ways to do this, most of them are secret.  We can tell you time is one, costume is another, and bonus points are another. 

Prizes:  Yes and they are awesome, trust us!

How do we get bonus points:  We're not telling.

Rules:  Yes we have those. 

Hogwarts:  Yes there are bonus points for that. 

Sign up:  Here by April 11th.  Registration is limited so sign up soon. 

What else?  A SPOG sponsored tailgate at the finish line.   

Free Agent:  We always have free agent teams for PERA events.  If you are a team of one and want to join a team or a team of two that wants four just email bsalapek@wellesley.edu

Some additional details:


Contact Us

Contact Us

Monica Verity 
Director of Recreation

Rebecca Kimball
Director of Sports Performance & Fitness


Bonnie Dix
Head Swimming Coach

Callie Lekas
Recreation Coordinator


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Sun. Sept. 28th  Kickball
Sun. Oct 5th  Outdoor Triathlon Relay
Wed. Oct. 8th Full Moon Paddle
Wed. Oct 16th Spin Coast to Coast


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