A major in Biological Chemistry provides an excellent background for many different career paths.

Graduates go on to a variety of graduate schools and health professional schools or into public health, teaching, law, or business. Those wanting to go directly into the work force do so in areas such as biotechnology, bioengineering, pharmacology, or clinical chemistry. The range of potential workplaces is broad, including universities and colleges, government agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, research institutes, state and federal forensic and environmental labs.

For the classes of 2006 to 2010, 38 percent enrolled in graduate or professional school immediately following graduation. Alumnae surveys indicate that, by 10 years after graduation, 97 percent of Biological Chemistry majors had enrolled in a graduate or professional program. Approximately one-third of these were medical degrees, over 40 percent PhD programs, and the remainder master's and other professional degrees.

The graduate schools attended include Dartmouth, Yale, UCSF, MIT, Columbia, Harvard, Brown and the Universities of Minnesota, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Pittsburgh. Medical schools attended include Johns Hopkins, Temple, New York and New Jersey Medical, Albany, Rochester, Wayne State, McGill, Drexel, Pittsburgh, and the Universities of Massachusetts, North Carolina, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Indiana, Chicago, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. Some alums are in law school, pharmacy school, veterinary school, public health school, and art school.