Advice for the Class of 2015

You should follow the new set of requirements and have plenty of time to do so! The main advantage for your class and subsequent ones is that you can begin to take biochemistry earlier in your program. We are advising that you plan to take the first semester of biochemistry (BIOC 223) if possible in the spring of your sophomore year (S2013).

The other big change to the major is that 2nd-semester biochemistry and pchem will not have labs, and there will be a new course (BIOC 320) which is a stand-alone lab course  incorporating concepts and projects from p chem and 2nd-semester biochem. You may take this in the fall of your junior year (F2013) or fall of your senior year (F2014).

Many current FYs will have taken BISC 110, and CHEM 120 or 105, plus 205 or 211 plus Math or Physics by the end of the first year. If this is the case, you could choose the following sets of courses next (sophomore) year.

Fall 2012:

CHEM 205 or 211 (whichever you have not yet taken)
BIOC  219
Math or Physics (as needed)

Spring 2013:

BIOC 223 (First semester of the two-semester Biochemistry sequence. Replaces CHEM 221. Has a lab and 1.25 units)
BIOC 220
Math or Physics (as needed)

In your junior and senior years you can then do any combination of:

BIOC 331 (pchem, no lab, 1.0 unit) Fall
BIOC 320 (stand-alone lab, 1.0 unit), Fall
BIOC 323 (2nd semester biochem, no lab, 1.0 unit), Spring
300-level BISC courses (at least one with lab) Many choices, Fall and Spring

Any option leaves time for research or other courses.