Every year the Biological Sciences department awards prizes to outstanding students.

The purpose of the prizes is to reward excellence and commitment as well as to underscore the wide variety of skills necessary for success in science. The descriptions of the prizes together with lists of recent recipients can be found below.

Lingos Prize in Life Sciences: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated both a marked aptitude for independent research and a depth of understanding in the life sciences.

Mary White Peterson Prize in Biological Sciences: For general excellence which shall include evidence of promise, of exceptional ability to do independent work rather than on the basis of an essay or final paper.

Lucy Branch Allen Prize: Established in 1934 by an anonymous friend, in memory of Lucy Branch Allen of the Class of 1897.  The Biological Sciences Department awards this prize each year to an exceptional student of natural history.

Adelaide Niles Belyea Prize in Botany: This prize shall be awarded to an advanced undergraduate student who has exhibited general excellence in plant science.

Fiske Prize in Biology: Given in honor of Dr. Virginia Fiske who was a member of the biology department for many years.  She was a pioneer in the field of pineal endocrine research and continued to work in the research lab for more than ten years after her retirement.  She felt that this prize should recognize and encourage those outstanding students who have show a genuine interest in biology and who will be continuing their study of science or teaching in biology

Lingos Prize in Life Science

Julia Adams 2014

Judy Park DeWitt

Illana Pollack

Carla Villarreal


Alison Lee

Julia Wucherpfenn


Erica Namigai          

Rhea Choi 


Emilie Mitten

Christie Sze


Mary White Peterson Prize (awarded by BISC department)

Amy Ko 2014
Camille Hamilton 2013
Kara Feilich 2011
Thanh Thu Ngo 2010


The Lucy Branch Allen Prize


Karin Darakananda 2014
Haley Scofield 2013
CeCe Chang 2012
Rachel Roston 2011
Harriet Alexander 2010

Adelaide Niles Belyea Botany Prize

Andrea Bae 2014
Elze Rackaityte 2013
Mia Howard 2012
Caroline Kwon 2011

Celeste Mallama    

Nicole Bollinger     



Fiske Prize

Amanda Papakyrinkos 2014

Sara Althari

Tiffany Chen

Heidi Park 2012
Victoria Walker-Sperling 2011
Morgan Carr-Markell 2010