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Welcome to the Darling Lab!

The Darling lab brings together multidisciplinary aspects of cell biology, physiology, and biophysics to examine the role of membrane protein interactions and their dynamic regulation in human homeostasis and pathophysiological conditions.
Fluorescent cell imagesOur current research examines the cellular and molecular mechanisms that contribute to sudden cardiac death. Specifically, we are investigating the role and regulation of direct, protein-protein interactions between the major cardiac repolarizing potassium channels KvLQT1 and hERG.
The Darling lab focuses on combining classical biochemistry and molecular biology techniques with advanced and quantitative fluorescence imaging, which affords students the opportunity to tackle contemporary biological questions using multiple, practical approaches.
Image at right: neonatal rabbit cardiomyocytes expressing GFP (green) and RNF 207 (red) 48 hours after adenoviral infection.
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Louise DarlingLouise Darling
Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Office: Science Center E206
Lab: Science Center L311

Darling Lab Summer Research 2014