Minor Requirements

Biological Sciences Minor

[Four of the five courses for a minor must be taken at Wellesley. Chemistry is recommended. Students planning a minor should consult the chair.]

See Course Catalog for more information. 

Introductory Biology

111 or 113
110 or 112

Intermediate Level Biology

Two courses, each from a different group:
Group I:   Cellular Biology 219, 220
Group II:   Systems Biology 203, 207, 216
Group III:   Community Biology 201, 202, 209, 210, 214, BISC/ES 217
Cannot include Independent Research ( 250, 250H)

Upper Level Biology

One unit at the 300 level
Cannot include independent research (350, 360/370)


Contact Us

Contact Us

Department of Biological Sciences
Science Center
Wellesley College
106 Central Street
Wellesley, MA 02481

Gary C. Harris
Professor and Department Chair
Tel: 781.283.3168 (for appointments)

Mary Helen McCollister
Administrative Assistant and Grant Coordinator
Tel: 781.283.3154

Karin Thomason
Administrative Assistant and Grant Coordinator
Tel: 781.283.3153