Honors and Theses Titles Spring 2010


Name Advisor Title
BISC 350
Carr, Rhiannon Sequeira Abdominal pigmentation in the Drosophila dunni subgroup: consideration as to the origin of clinal patterns
Daswani, Samira Moore Skeletal muscle bloodflow and energy cost during locomotion of Rainbow Trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Guo, Weixia Sequeira Colonization history and speciation of Stomion in the Galapagos
Ionkin, Galina Koniger Examining the Conserved Regions of DNA sequences for Genes Involved in Chloroplast Movement
Jung, Grace Ellerby Muscle energetics of Rainbow Trout
Kwon, Caroline Königer Chloroplast Movement and its Relationship to High Light
Lee, Gloria Allen Analysis of Differential Protein Expression in Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 in Response to pH 6.2
Murray, Elaina Sommers Smith A histological and epidemiological analysis of breast cancer early detection recommendations
Namigai, Erica Suzuki Exploring the Role of Distal-less on Larval Limb Development in Tribolium castaneum
Paik, Sun-Mee Königer Chloroplast Movement Inhibition & Its Relationship to High-Light & Low-Light Stress Tolerance
Weber, Calais Sommers Smith Hot or Cold: The Effects of Burned or Frostbitten Skin Pathology on Treatment Options
Yang, ZhanTao Ellerby From Furcas to Backpacks: a comparison of the energetics of human load-carrying meth