Honors and Theses TitlesFall 2010


Name Advisor Title
BISC 350
Chang, Jenny Hood-DeGrenier A retrospective review of outcomes in Stage I Sacrococcygeal teratomas
Chung, Emma Cameron Genetic consequences of chronic exposure to environmental hypoxia in goldfish
Huang, Tina Webb Immunohistochemical analysis of A33 and RON antigens in 3D spheroid cultures of pacreatic and colon adenocarcinoma cells
Keer, Stephanie Webb Procedural changes that may facilitate the capture of TEM images of gold nanoparticle bioconjugates
Krasker, Jennie Hood-DeGrenier Research in Cisplatin-Induced Otototoxicity in Pediatric Cancer Patients
Lee, Jessica Peterman Characterization of PATL1,3 Double-KO Arabidopsis thaliana mutants
Lee, Kyung Hwa Suzuki Study of Different Larval Cell Populations During Adult Leg Development in Tribolium castaneum using BrdU and TUNEL Staining
Liao, Jessica Suzuki Coordinated Differentiation of Distinct Multipotent Self-Renewing Progenitor Populations
Miller, Christine Rodenhouse Testing a New Method of Mapping Bird Populations using Inexpensive Audio-Digital Recorders
Park, Heidi Newton Investigating the function of wVitA type IV effectors - Part I
Rowen, Elizabeth Griffith Trans-generational plasticity in Persicaria lapathifolia
Shen, Jacqueline Webb Determination of the conformational epitope of GPA33 targeted by mAb31.1 using phage display random peptide library screening
Wucherpfennig, Julia Sequeira Speciation Pattern of Stomion Beatles in the Galapagos