Science Outreach with beakers and brain

Bisc105 Stem cell team
Stem Cell finale


We have been working since 2003 to provide science activities for middle school age students. This program emphasizes students teaching students.

Currently Wellesley College students taking 100 level biology courses (BISC105, 107 and 104) can opt to produce high quality investigative curricular activities based on science concepts they learn in their lecture class. 

We work with Our Lady of Perpertual Help Mission Grammar school, a small urban Catholic school located on Tremont St. in Boston. 

Lesson planning

Students meet weekly with their Course Lecturer and the Science Outreach Coordinator to design a series of investigative activities that can be taught to 6th and 7th grade classes at the end of the semester.  

Don't count on students that sit in their seats with their hands folded, drinking up your knowledge, instead try to design question-provoking activities that keep the kids thinking and asking questions. Don't be afraid to pose the quesion:  "How could we test that idea?"   Also share your excitement with the students, why did you find the activity exciting to plan, how and why did you elect to go to college, why did you pick a particular topic to teach, what interested you about science, etc.?

Mission Grammar

Overview: Mission Grammar School is a small K-8 school located on Tremont St. in Boston. It serves students from diverse religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds.