Science outreach with beakers and brain

CSI-Chemical Reaction Races
CSI-Plant and Animal Cells
CSI-Bridge Building
CSI-Bridge Testing
CSI-Making Musical Instruments
CSI-Making Crystals


Cerebral Science Investigators

Cerebral Science Investigators was initiated by Maggie Blattner ('07) who carried out neuroscience activities with children. The program was expanded to include any and all other science disciplines like biology, chemistry, geology and astronomy and activities are designed to encourage making neural connections as kids think about the meaning of each activity and how they are connected. The program is designed for children K-5 and is led by Wellesley College students.

Topics and Student Coordinators in 2013-2014 included:

  • Engineering—Cracking Under Pressure   November 13, 2013                     

      Helena Qi '14 and Lucy (Young-Ah) Lee '14

  • Make your own Musical Instruments February 1, 2014

       Alexandra Day '14

  • Chemical Reaction Races  February 8, 2014

       Carley Allen '15

  • Looking at Plant and Animal Cells March 1, 2014

      Lauren Johnson '16

CSI is held on 3-4 Saturday mornings per semester from 10 AM-12 PM in the Wellesley College Science Center. For information on CSI for the 2014-2015 academic year, please contact Donna Trainor