My Banner Menu

MyBanner is your own personalized shortcut menu on the main screen of Banner. You can create shortcuts to forms that you use most often.

Creating Your MyBanner Menu on Banner

Note: If you double click on a form and get a message that says, “Error. This form cannot be called directly, you cannot add this to your menu,” click OK (may have to click several times until the message goes away). Then click the rollback icon on the toolbar at the top of the form to back out of the transaction.

  1. When you log into Banner, double click on My Banner near the top of the screen. Double click on Empty; Select to build. [GUAPMNU].
  2. On the left of the screen is a list of forms to which the user has access. To add one of these forms to your personal menu, double click on the form name and it will turn blue. Then click on the right facing arrow. It will move the form to the right hand column, which is your personal menu list.
  3. To remove a form from your personal menu list on the right, double click on it and then click the left facing arrow.
  4. Once you have the forms on the personal menu you would like, click save (icon of disk) on the toolbar at the top of the form to exit this form.
  5. To see the created list, you need to log out of Banner and then log back in and double click on My Banner.


Updating your Personal Menu on My Banner

  1. When you double click on My Banner, it will bring up the personal menu you have created.  At the bottom of the list will be a form called Organize My Banner [GUAPMNU].  Double click on this and follow steps 2 to 5 above.


For further information, please visit the LTS MyBanner webpage.