Budget Forms

Using Banner Finance Forms:

Once you have logged onto Banner, you will default to the General Menu (GUAGMNU).  The forms most commonly used for financial management are described on this page. You can also add the forms to your My Banner menu for quick access. To setup your My Banner menu, click here. The forms are also accessible by typing the form name directly into the "Go To..." field located above the My Banner folder.

The following forms will help you manage your budget and actual expenses. 

FWIBDST: Organization Budget Status Form

Use this form to…

  • Check for amounts budgeted by account or activity code.
  • Check an org, account, or activity code for transactions.
  • Springboard to more information.

FWIBDST is the most comon form used in Banner Finance. This form will show the budget, year-to-date activity and remaining balance of each account in the speicifed organization.

The first block of the form is used to enter the org you are interested in viewing. Once you enter the org code, the other necessary information will automatically populate. To ensure that you see all data relating to your org or fund, remove anything that may have populated in the Program field!

To look at the financial information in your org, move to the bottom block of the form by clicking "next block" in the toolbar or Ctrl + Page Down on your keyboard.

Once you have moved to the bottom block, information will have populated the fields according to the Org and Fund you entered. The first column is the account number.  A description of the account is in the third column.  If necessary, you may click in the description box and use the arrow keys to see the full description.  The amount budgeted for each account is in the Adjusted Budget column.  YTD Activity shows the Year-to-Date cumulative amount of activity for that account.  Available Balance is the amount remaining in that account for the current Fiscal Year.

From here, you can drill into additional information of the accounts you are interested in by selecting Transaction Detail Information in the Options menu. For more detailed instructions with screen prints and other viewing options, please view the Banner Finance Documentation.

NOTE: FGIBDST is an alternate version of this form and allows users to view salary information. Access to this form is restricted to certain faculty and staff members. If you have any questions about FGIBDST or believe you should have access to it, please contact Stephanie Tong

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FOIDOCH: Document History Form

Use this form to…

  • Find out if an invoice has been paid.
  • Find out if a check has been cut.
  • Find out the number of a check.

If you already know the number of the invoice or purchase order, this form can be used. Enter Transaction Type: INV for invoice, PO for purchase order.  Tab to Document Code and enter the Invoice or PO number. Click Next Block or Ctrl + Page Down.  If applicable, the check number corresponding to the invoice number will be displayed in the “Check” box. An “F” in the Status box next to the check number indicates that the check has been deposited and fully reconciled. A blank Status box indicates that the check has been issued but not yet reconciled.

Next, you can select Invoice Information under the Options menu. This will bring you to the same form used in FWIBDST. Click Next Block to navigate through this form and you can research this item further. 

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FAIVNDH: Vendor Detail History Form

Use this form to…

  • Find out if a particular vendor has been paid
  • Find out when a vendor was paid
  • Find out how much a vendor was paid.
  • Check Number and Check Date for a payment to a vendor

Enter the Vendor ID number or search for vendor name by clicking on the down arrow next to the Vendor field.
Use the tab key to go through and input the appropriate fields for your search in the top block of the form. Continue to the next block to view the Vendor invoice information and status for each invoice.

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FGITBAL: General Ledger Trial Balance Form

Use this form to…

  • Check the balance of a departmental gift or endowed fund.

Enter the gift or endowed fund number in the Fund field. Continue to the bottom block to view the fund activity.  If the Beginning Balance or Current Balance field has an asterisk (*) to the right of it, then that figure is a negative amount.To check activity on expenses or revenue, highlight the appropriate account line and select Query General Ledger Activity Info under the Options menu.

For gifts, the current balance of the fund is shown in the upper right corner, account 1001. 

For endowed funds, the current balance is also in the upper right, but this is not necessarily the amount available for spending, because endowed funds generate income on a monthly basis. Please view the Banner Finance Documentation for detailed instructions to calculate the amount available for spending.

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