Chart of Accounts

The Banner system utilizes the acronym FOAPAL for the chart of account.

This acronym is referred to as the budget number and is created by taking the first letter of each component.

F- Fund

O- Organization

A- Account

P- Program

A- Activity

L- Location


College revenues and expenses all have a funding source and the code for Fund represents that funding source. Funds in Banner are a 5 digit numerical code. The College's unrestricted general fund code is 10000. Spendable gifts begin with a 2 and are in the 20xxx or 21xxx series. Sponsored research grants also begin with a 2 and are in the 25xxx series. Endowed funds begin with a 3 and are in the 3xxxx series.

Most administrative departments only have funding from the unrestricted fund 10000. A spendable gift is usually given to the College where its use is specified by the donor. Once all of the gift has been spent for the given purpose, it will no longer exist until another gift for the same purpose is given. An endowed fund is the income earned from the investment of a gift that was given to the College with the intent that it provides permanent support to the college. The support is usually restricted to areas such as scholarship, prize, professorship, etc. The principal remains invested into perpetuity and spending should only be made from the income earned.

Organization (Org.):

The org code, short for organization code, identifies the department responsible for managing the budget.


The account code defines an area in which the transaction should be recorded. For example, an invoice paid for office supplies is charged to 7127 as office supplies. Click HERE for a list of commonly used accounts.


Every org has a 3-digit default program code associated with it, which groups orgs into certain more general groupings, e.g. 105 is instructional.


The activity can be used to track an event or on-going activity in one org or across orgs. This is an optional field. Click HERE to request an activity code.


The location code is only used by certain areas that need to track international activity for tax reporting purposes. The majority of departments do not use this code and it is not required.