Authenticate to the firewall:

It is required that you stay connected to the firewall while you are using Banner. 
Most campus computers have a desktop icon called “Admin Firewall” .
  1. If you have the Admin Firewall icon on your desktop, double-click it.
    • PC users:  If the Admin Firewall shortcut is not on your desktop, go to Start > All Programs > Cisco System VPN Client and click VPN Client.
    • Mac users:  Launch the Admin Firewall by clicking on the icon in the Dock, or by going to Go > Applications and double-clicking on VPN Client. (NOTE: the screenshots below are from the PC application, but the Mac version will look very similar and will function identically.)
    • Note: If you do not have the Cisco VPN Client installed on your computer, please follow these installation instructions from LTS.
  2. Enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields as prompted.
  3. Select “OK”
  4. Once the Authentication is complete, the window will disappear and you will see the icon  in your Taskbar.  If the icon is “open”  then you are disconnected from the firewall.  You must be logged into the Firewall in order to access Discoverer.

Log on to Banner:

  1. Log into MyWellesley using your Domain User ID and Password (NOT your Banner ID).
  2. Select the  tab at the top of your screen.
  3. Locate the Advanced Budget Querying Channel, where you will find a list of frequently used Finance forms in Banner ERP.

  4. Select the form you want to access by clicking on the form name.  This will bring you directly to the Banner Form.  (Refer to Banner Finance to find the right form for your budgeting needs).

Exit Banner:

When you finish your Banner session, click the Exit Icon  to close the Banner ERP window.


Drag the mouse slowly over each icon on you Banner toolbar to see the description. The following illustration highlights the commonly used icons in Banner Finance - Rollback, Next Block and Exit.