Related Courses

For the following courses to count toward the major, CAMS majors are advised to request approval from the Program Director before registering.

  • AFR 207 Images of Africana People through the Cinema
  • AFR 222 Images of Women and Blacks in American Cinema
  • AMST 317 Seminar. Advanced Topics in American Studies. 
  • AMST 317/ARTH 340 Disneyland and American Culture
  • ARTH 224 Modern Art to 1945
  • CLCV 212 On the Road: Travel in Literature and Film from Homer’s Odyssey to Thelma and Louise 
  • ENG 320 Literary Cross-Currents.  
  • FREN 222 French Cinema
  • FREN 314 Cinema
  • FREN 331 Desire, Sexuality, and Love in African Francophone Cinema
  • ITAS 261 Italian Cinema (in English)
  • JPN 130 Japanese Animation (in English)
  • POL1 316 Mass Media in American Democracy
  • SOC 333 Seminar. Special Topics in Popular Culture
  • SPAN 265 Introduction to Latin American Cinema
  • SPAN 268 Contemporary Spanish Cinema
  • SPAN 304 Seminar. All about Almodóvar: Spanish Cinema in the Transición
  • SPAN 315 Seminar. Luis Buñuel and the Search for Freedom and Morality

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