About Us

The Wellesley career education model illuminates the strengths of the liberal arts education and encourages active participation of the full College ecosystem in order to support every Wellesley woman from the moment she arrives on-campus through her alumnae years. Connections and communities form the heart of our model. Our students proactively engage in the process of exploring the intersection between self and society, engaging and testing their curiosities, and forming meaningful connections within career communities that cover a broad array of industries and career fields. 


Our Vision: To be the leader in cultivating women leaders of the future

Our Mission: To prepare and inspire every Wellesley woman to craft a lifetime of opportunity and realize her full potential


Our model is composed of three core teams: 

The Exploration and Experiential Learning Team works with students to encourage them to fully explore the intersection between self and society.
The Career Connections and Communities Team creates diverse support networks based on student's career interests and identities.
The Operations and Analytics Team provides the infrastructure and insight necessary to influence Wellesley’s reputation through outcomes and outreach.


Meet the Teams

Associate Provost and Executive Director
Associate Provost and Executive Director for Career Education
Assistant to the Associate Provost and Budget Administrator

Exploration and Experiential Learning
Director, Exploration and Experiential Learning
Program Director, Internships
Program Director, Community Engagement
Program Director, Fellowships
Fellowships Program Manager 
College to Career Mentor 
College to Career Mentor 
College to Career Mentor 
College to Career Mentor 


Career Connections and Communities
Director, Career Connections and Communities
Employer Relations Manager
Alumnae Career Advisor 
Alumnae Career Advisor 
Director, Medical Professions Advising
Health Professions Advisor
Career Community Advisor, Consulting, Finance, Business, Entrepreneurship
Career Community Advisor, Marketing, Communications, and Arts
Frances Adjorlolo (‘08) 
Career Community Advisor, Technology, Engineering, and Physical Sciences
Career Community Advisor, Health and Natural Sciences
Sarah Ahmed
Career Community Advisor, Government, International Affairs, and Law
Emily Weiskopf
Career Community Advisor, Education and Nonprofit Services

Operations and Analytics
Director, Operations and Analytics
Assessment and Technology Manager
Marketing and Digital Media Manager