There are limitless ways Wellesley graduates can use their liberal arts degree in their local communities, and around the globe.

Career Education has created this customized map to highlight a small group of our Class of 2014 graduates and their post-graduation plans. Each pin represents a different student, and includes her name, hometown, major and information about what she will be doing after graduating from Wellesley. Explore many of the unique locations where our students can be found, and/or learn more about each student and how she will put her liberal arts education to work. 

Major to Career

Career Education, Office of Institutional Planning and Assessment, and Library and Technology Services have worked together to showcase the multitude of career options and paths students and alumnae can create for themselves, in new and innovative ways. This interactive chart was developed by data collected in a survey sent in spring 2013 to alumnae from 5 to 45 years (in 5-year intervals) post-graduation. 

Each of the 12 segments on the left side of the circle represents a group of majors that alumnae might have elected, and each of the 12 segments on the right represents a group of careers into which they might have moved.

Click on a major and see what career paths those alumnae have taken and/or click on a career group and see what majors have found success!