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Fellow presentations include:
Tanner 2006: Piglets on Motorcycles-Luce Fellowship in Cambodia, Elizabeth Manderville '04
Tanner 2006: Watson Fellowship-Energy Technologies for the Developing World, Paulina Ponce de Leon Barido, '05
Tanner 2007: Traveling in Central Asia, Anne-Laure Py, '02
Tanner 2007: A Rhodes Scholar Becomes a 4th Grade Teacher, Tracy Johnston Zager, '95

Additionally, the mp3 audio from Ricocheting through Life: Wellesley's Road Map is available to download. See abstract below.

Ricocheting through Life: Wellesley's Road Map
Martha A. Ortiz '04, Chinese and Elizabeth A. Phelps '04, History and Political Science Advisor: Ellie Perkins '65, Center for Work and Service
It is a truth universally acknowledged that two people who serve as Wellesley- Yenching fellows must be in want of an adventure. Since completing our time as teachers of English and partners at Ginling Women's College in Nanjing, China, our paths have diverged, yet we have remained united throughout. Between the two of us, we studied Mandarin for a year, traveled around the globe, worked in a bookstore, tried law school, and helped a new generation of Americans discover China. Now in graduate school, our first postgraduate experiences in China are shaping our career interests in cross-cultural communication, education, and international development. As we look back on our time in China and our varied experiences since then, we recognize that we could not have predicted our courses to date while at Wellesley. We have come to understand that our lives, and those of others, rely on the small corners of each experience we go through, pinging us on a new and exciting path. We will share our post-Wellesley experiences in the world under an overarching theme: life consists of unexpected and exciting opportunities. We hope that by hearing about our paths, others will contemplate their own future lives.