Recruiting at Wellesley

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Recruiting at Wellesley

For over a century, Wellesley has produced more successful women leaders across all fields than any other liberal arts institution. Why recruit at Wellesley?

  • Wellesley women can bring intelligence, confidence, creativity, resourcefulness, and unique abilities to your organization

  • Wellesley’s student body is one of the most ethnically diverse in the U.S. and represents students from over 80 countries worldwide

  • Wellesley is one of the top undergraduate institutions in the nation

In order to craft customized, effective recruiting experiences, we have cultivated industry-specific career communities at Wellesley. Each of these communities is led by a Career Community Advisor with expertise in their industries. The advisor most relevant to your recruiting and engagement targets serves as a liaison to our center helping you to create the connections and customized plan you need for a successful recruiting experience based on your specific organizational needs and goals.

Career Education is excited to partner with organizations globally to connect our students and alumnae with opportunities aligned with their career goals.

Employer Partners
Wellesley students are extremely motivated with high levels of integrity and work ethic. They take advantage of their available resources to solve complex problems. The students are always asking intelligent questions so they understand the bigger pictures that the analysis they are completing is a part of. Wellesley College's rigorous academics prepare students for challenging internships and provide students with very mature perspectives.
Jake Housman
Senior Manager, Boston Consulting Group

Employer Relations Contact

Career Community Advisors

Employer Relations Assistants

Tools for Recruiting at Wellesley

3 Step Model for Engagement

3 Step Model for Engagement

We view all of our employers as strategic partnerships, and encourage on and off campus engagement on three levels: Connect with students, Educate at Wellesley, and Host On-site.

Recruiting Guide

Recruiting Guide

Please take a look at our Employer Engagement Guide for an overview of our approach to preparing our students for their chosen fields of interest, levels of engagement that are available to you as an employer, and to get started.

On Campus Recruiting Program Policies

On Campus Recruiting Program Policies

Sharing available job postings and internships via Handshake, coming to Wellesley to host recruiting events, participating in our boutique career fairs, and conducting on-campus interviews are all great ways for you to connect with our diverse student body and build your brand on our campus.



Handshake is Wellesley’s career management platform for posting employment opportunities as well as submitting requests to come to campus. Ready to get started? Receive your invitation to connect with us on Handshake by contacting Sumana Northover — by email at; and by phone at 781-283-2006.

Career Outcomes Rate

of Class of 2017 graduates were employed, accepted to graduate school, participating in a service/volunteer program, or serving in the military within 6 months of graduation
graduate school
volunteer program
still seeking
Ethnic Diversity
Top 4 :

Wellesley has been ranked in the top 4 for ethnic diversity among private liberal arts colleges for most of the 21st century. — US News and World Report

Highly Selective

of applicants were accepted to the Wellesley College Class of 2021

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Career Education Suit Program

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Wellesley Career Education

Is your wardrobe lacking the professional attire required to attend a conference, interview, or meeting? The Career Education Suit Program has quality suiting options for all gender identities in a full range of petite and regular sizes. Students can choose from jackets, skirts, dresses, and pants. Suits may be borrowed for up to 7 days. The date of return will be set upon check out. The suit must be returned in the condition in which it was lent out, dry-cleaned with a receipt.