Questions & Answers

In an effort to enhance the safety of the Wellesley College community and our guests, all caterers serving food at College events on campus must label all food items with known allergen-containing ingredients. Food selections must have proper identification cards (12pt font or larger) displaying the name of the dish and listing any ingredients of known allergens such as milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (such as almonds, cashews or walnuts), seafood, soy and wheat (gluten).  If a faculty/staff member requests full service catering from a vendor not on the College’s approved vendor list, then it is his/her responsibility to make sure that the full service caterer understands and agrees to this labeling requirement. This is an important step to take to allow for the proper and safe selection of food on our campus by those in the Wellesley College community or our guests who may have food allergies, vegetarian/vegan preferences, or other dietary requirements or preferences.

Q ~ Is it mandatory that one use the suggested vendor list for catering deliveries and full service catered events?

A ~ Please see new Fall 2013 letter on Official Announcements

Q ~ Can I buy food at an unapproved establishment, such as Stop and Shop or Dunkin Donuts, and bring it to Wellesley?

A ~ Yes, at this time you are allowed.  This may change in the future.  If so we will give you ample notice.

Q ~ Do suggested vendors give discounts?

A ~ Yes.  The College has negotiated with the Wellesley Area Approved Drop Off Vendors for all inclusive lunch packages that include food, delivery and paper products.  These negotiated packages include free delivery and paper goods.  The Full Service Caterers have a negotiated a 5% discount back to individual departments to be arranged when placing your order.

Q ~ Any suggestions on how to place an order?

A ~ Yes, When order please use the following guidelines.

  • Ask the caterer - “What can I get delivered for lunch for $ x pp ( the new maximum price for lunches delivered is $10.50 pp)?” instead of “I have X number of people for lunch, what can I get delivered?”.
  • Maximum of $10.50 pp should include:  Delivery (A sandwich or salad, chips or fruit, dessert (No drink -bring your own water bottle) and paper products).  Special pricing for Wellesley College has been negotiated with the 5 vendors and in most cases the prices are lower than $10.50pp.
  • Require RSVP’s from attendees for accurate counts- Only provide food to those who have replied.

Q ~ Does the College have a set fee for delivery and/or tipping food vendors?

A ~ The college doesn't have a tipping policy. Please confirm with your vendor their tipping policy.  Should you negotiate a tip it should be noted on the invoice from the vendor.  Delivery fees have been negotiated to be free with the Drop Off Suggested Wellesley Vendors.

Q ~ Who should direct caterers to locations before or after hours?

A ~ This is the responsibility of the person or department ordering from the caterer.  Many buildings are locked before and after working hours.  You must coordinate with your caterer.  Meet your caterer at the delivery location in order for them to access a room/building.

Q ~ Should there be concerns about food safety with left over food.

A ~ Please remember your responsibility to ensure that perishable foods are handled and stored properly.  It may be best for the safety and well-being of your guests that perishable food and drink, at risk for spoilage as a result of improper storage, not be permitted to leave your event.