(781) 283-2981
A.B., Harvard University; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mala Radhakrishnan
Associate Professor of Chemistry

Interested in computational biophysical chemistry, analysis/design of drugs and other biological molecules, and creatively teaching chemistry.

My research interests are interdisciplinary, combining chemistry, physics, biology, applied mathematics, and computer science. I am interested in developing and applying computational methods to analyze natural biological interactions and to design novel drug and other biological molecules of therapeutic importance. I am especially interested in problems that require modeling at the molecular level as well as the systems or population levels, and I enjoy interdisciplinary collaboration with other researchers.

I teach or have taught introductory chemistry, including laboratory, and physical chemistry for both chemists and biological chemists. I am particularly interested in combining creative writing with chemistry and have written a large collection of educational chemistry poetry that humorously teaches chemical concepts from the perspective of the atoms and molecules experiencing their consequences firsthand. I am also an alum of the Teach for America program.

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