Minor Requirements

A Minor in Chemistry


A minor in chemistry includes:

  • 105/105P and 205 or 120;
  • 211;
  • 330 or 331 (see note below);
  • a choice of 223 or 222 or 341 or 361;
  • one additional 200- or 300 level unit, excluding 250/350/355/365.


To satisfy the physical chemistry requirement for the minor, students must choose one of the following two options:

  • for students interested in biological applications of chemistry:  CHEM 331 (for which the prerequisites are CHEM 223 or CHEM 222)


  • for students interested in the mathematical foundations of chemistry: CHEM 330 (for which the prerequisites include MATH 215 (strongly recommended) OR MATH 205)


Normally no more than one unit in chemistry from another institution may be counted toward the minor.

The mathematics and physics courses (Physics 108, but not Physics 106) may be counted toward a major or a minor in those departments. Early completion of the mathematics and physics requirements is strongly encouraged.

Students interested in the interdepartmental major in biological chemistry are referred to the section of the catalog where that major is described. They should also consult with Don Elmore, the Director of the Biological Chemistry Program.

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