Choosing a First Course

Below are the options available to a student wishing to take one or more chemistry courses at Wellesley College.

1.       Students with one year of high school chemistry begin in CHEMISTRY 105, followed by either CHEMISTRY 205 or CHEMISTRY 211. All three courses are offered in both fall and spring semesters. Students who wish to enroll in CHEMISTRY 105 do not need to take a Chemistry placement exam.

2.       Students whose high school preparation in chemistry or math is not sufficient for CHEM 105 should contact Professor Julia Miwa to discuss enrolling in CHEM 105P. This course provides additional academic support in introductory chemistry beyond that offered in other sections. Students who have not fulfilled the QR basic skills requirement but are taking QR 140 concurrently may enroll in CHEM 105P.  Admission to the course for all students is by permission of instructor; please contact Professor Julia Miwa to get permission to enroll.

3.       Students who have a score of 5 or 4 on the AP Chemistry exam or an IB score of 5 or above on the Chemistry IB (upper level) may enroll in CHEMISTRY 120, an intensive, one-semester fall course instead of the two-semester sequence (CHEMISTRY105 and CHEMISTRY 205). Students who score 5 on the AP exam or 5 or higher on the IB higher level examination may count one unit of AP or IB credit towards graduation even if they enroll in CHEM 120.

4.       Students with exceptional preparation (including extensive laboratory work) in chemistry should contact Professor Chris Arumainayagam about the possibility of placing out of Chemistry 120 and directly enrolling in Chemistry 211, although this option is generally not recommended.

5.       CHEMISTRY 102Contemporary Topics in Chemistry, is also offered as an introductory course but does not count towards the major or minor or toward the premedical requirements in chemistry. This course is only offered during the spring semester.