Past Honors Theses

Honors Theses (2002-2007)

Seeking “Originary Moments”: Vergil’s Trojan “Stoon” and the fractured reception tradition of Dido and Aeneas
by Kristin Knox (Advisor: Reay) (May 2007)

Virtuous Viragos: The Gender Boundary in Livy
by Vera Hannush (Advisor: Starr) (May 2005)

‘I am New, I Seek the Consulship, This is Rome’: Aspects of Cicero’s Self Representation
by Alanna Clair (Advisor: Reay) (May 2005)

The Honor of Restraint: Lessons from Ancient Greece about Helping Friends and Hurting Enemies
by Lauren Brownlee (Advisor: Lefkowitz) (May 2005)

The Story of the Tyrannicides: Sex and Danger in the Athenian Democratic Imagination
by Corinne Gentilesco (Advisor: Dougherty) (May 2004)

Maphaeus Vegius’ Supplement to the “Twelfth Book of the Aeneid”: A Renaissance Continuation of an Old Favorite
By Joanna Theiss (Advisor: Reay) (May 2004)

De Suo: The Mosaics and the Statuary of the Piazzale delle Corporazioni and their Social Implications
by Katherine Alcauskas (Advisor: Reay) (May 2004)

‘Electra’ in Translation and Performance
by Heather Boas (Advisor: Dougherty) (May 2003)

Depictions of Helen of Troy in Greek Literature and Vase Painting
by Holly-Leigh Pitts (Advisors: Marvin, Dougherty) (December 2002)

Not 'Mere Bellies': Poetry, Politics, and Pastoralism in Ancient Greece
by Amanda Freeman (Advisor: Dougherty) (May 2002)

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