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Community Letter from the Policy Committee on Lectures and Cultural Affairs

Spring 2014

Dear Colleagues:

I am writing to you about funding opportunities for academic and cultural events available this Spring Semester through the Policy Committee on Lectures and Cultural Events (CLCE).  Our remaining application deadlines for the 2013-2014 Academic Year are Thursday, February 6th for events on February 14th and beyond, and Thursday, March 6th for events on March 14th and beyond.  There will also be a special deadline on Thursday, April 24th for events during the Fall 2014 semester.

Please note,  if you wish to plan a lecture or event, you should begin with the automatic individual $500 classroom lecture allowance and the $1500 program budget given to your Department or Academic Program by CLCE.  These funds are administered respectively by your Administrative Assistant and your Department or Degree Program Chair.  Please begin your event planning by inquiring about these funding sources.  CLCE is strongly encouraging applications this Spring for Major Events.

Major Events.  Last year we inaugurated a new program for faculty and staff that authorizes total grants of $5000 or more for individual events, more than three times our normal lecture fee guideline.  We are pleased to have received a number of successful applications for major events, but more funds are available in this year’s budget.  No special application form is required, but please be sure to note on your application that your proposal is in fact a Major Grant Application and to provide detailed information for all aspects of the proposed program and its budget.

Please note, CLCE occasionally returns faculty and staff applications due to inadequate information leading to delays and possible loss of funding.  We strongly recommend that you observe the following guidelines:

    A.  Only use the current application form.  It is posted on the CLCE website (new.wellesley.edu/clce).  Some of you are submitting outdated forms and therefore provide insufficient information for a decision to be made.  We continually make changes to the form based on developing budget and evaluative policies, so make sure to use the current online form.

    B.  It is now mandatory that applicants consult with a member of CLCE about their application.  Any member of the Committee can respond to a proposal idea or draft application and can report on our current review procedures and policies.  Such consultations have proven most helpful to applicants and the success of their applications.  Students should consult with Meg Jordan and other CLCE student members and faculty should consult with faculty CLCE members.

C.  Provide detailed program and budget information.  The most common reason applications are returned or rejected is because they do not supply the requested information in sufficient detail.  Two areas have the most frequent shortfall:

        1.  Program information.  Applicants must not assume that CLCE has familiarity with their lecturer or cultural performer.  Although there are faculty representatives from Groups A, B, and C on the Committee, we are joined by a large group of administrative and student representatives.  Such a collaborative body will not necessarily know anything about your proposed program, and it is your responsibility to explain to us in substantive detail what your speaker or performer will do, for what part of the Wellesley community, and why your event is academically or culturally significant.

        2.  Budget information.  CLCE has funds that are limited in amount and earmarked for various uses that we apply to support applications.  We examine budgets very carefully and observe in-house guidelines, (apart from the Major Events Competition) and $50 per person for faculty dinners.  Food, fees, and travel receive special scrutiny, and we try to keep these amounts as equitable as possible.  We ask that you provide itemized budget statements based on documented estimates wherever possible.  Normally, we approve a maximum of $1500 for faculty lectures and $5000 for lectures from the public sphere.  In Fall 2013, we appropriated half of our funding and we look forward to appropriating the same amount in the Spring. This is a sampling among the events sponsored by CLCE in 2013 - 2014 as of January 2014.

Guerrilla Girls, Ang Lee and World Cinema, TEDX  Wellesley College, KSA Annual Cultural Show

We welcome your applications.

Margaret Carroll

Chair for the Policy Committee on Lectures and Cultural Affairs

CLCE Members

Administrative Director CLCE:  Corinne Frazer


Student Services Representative:  Megan Jordan

Cultural Advising Network Representative:  Karen Shih

President’s Designee: Alice McCallum (non-voting)

Black Task Force Representative  

Christina Kelley (non-voting)


Margaret Carroll 12-15 (A) (Chair)

Charles Bu 13-14 (C)

Louise Darling 13-16 (C)

Carol Dougherty (Newhouse Center) (non-voting)

William Joseph 13-14 (B)

James Petterson 11-15 (A)

Student Representatives

Jasmyne Keimig ‘16

Brittany Saunders ‘14

Maggie West ‘14

SOFC Representative

Yuki Zhu ‘14 (non-voting)


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