Wellesley Wednesdays

If you are inviting a speaker or performance with campus-wide appeal, please consider scheduling the event in the Wednesday noon community time slot.  CLCE has changed the number of Wellesley Wednesdays each year to two per semester. 

CLCE General Funding Application

Please use the current CLCE General Funding Application form in January 2015 if you have a speaker you would like to propose for Spring of 2015.  If your event is chosen for a Wellesley Wednesday, please be aware that funding is limited to $1,000. Funding will be transferred to a designated FOAPAL by journal entry. All Wellesley Wednesday recipients are required to plan all aspects of their event 30 days prior as follows:

  • Reserve space in 25Live scheduling system.  Please see full details below the Calendar.
  • Arrange appropriate facility and custodial services for set up and clean up of venue.
  • Promote advertising to all faculty, staff, and students through Alice McCallum - amccallu

    It is important to mention that funding was provided by the Wilson Fund in all forms of advertising and promoting.

  • Order lunch for attendees and secure delivery and set up arrangements.
  • Alert the Presidents Office of the Secured Date, Event Name and Times.


Scheduling Your Wellesley Wednesday Event

Your event must be submitted in 25Live (the college scheduling system) in order to formally secure your space, services, and publicity.

For further assistance on how to schedule in 25Live, please see the scheduling FAQ.

When requesting your Wellesley Wednesday event in 25Live, we ask that you take the following steps to create your event as a Wellesley Wednesday event. This will assist the Events Office when scheduling your event in a timely manner.

In the Event Title field of 25Live, add "Wellesley Wednesday event" (maximum length is 120 characters).

All arrangements for your Wellesley Wednesday event are to be communicated in 25Live (example: custodial set up, media services, caterer name, time they will arrive on site to set up food, or time on site to drop off food.)
Please note: Wellesley college has a limited inventory of  tablecloths for your  "non-food" tables (example: panel tables or registration tables) for events.  If you would like linens on your "food" tables please request this directly from your Caterer or you may supply these cloths yourself.

A FOAPAL number must be provided.

For Publicity of your Wellesley Wednesday event, please select/add the following in 25Live before submitting your request:
-In the Additional Details field of 25Live, add "Wellesley College Community only."
-In the Publicity Description field of 25Live, add a description of your event which will be shown on the campus calendar. 
-In the Calendar Options field of 25Live, select "Featured Event (Public)."*
*Note: Any public category will display on the Wellesley homepage, as well as the Campus Calendar, both on campus view, and public view.

Wellesley Wednesday events will be marked as a Featured Event (Public) with the added criteria that the event is intended for the Wellesley College Community only, taking place during Community time.
If further assistance is needed with publicity of your Wellesley Wednesday event, you may contact the Communications and Public Affairs Office at  publicaffairs@wellesley.edu or call 781.283.2373.