When a new sponsored award is received at the College, the pertinent pieces of information relating to that award are entered into the Banner Financial System by the Controller's Office. This set up is what sets this award apart from any other award in the system. It is also the information that allows us to correctly track end dates, analyze budget to actual reports, and submit timely reports to the proper offices, etc.

Whenever any of this information changes, the Controller's Office should be notified so that the adjustment can be made in the system. Adjustments of these types include but arer not limited to:

  1. Budget Adjustments: either between budget lines or for additional amounts awarded
  2. New End Dates
  3. New Reporting dates
  4. Change of Sponsor Contact or address
  5. Corrections on original set up



  1. Adjustments made to the set up of a grant fund should be backed up by documentation from the sponsor indicating that the adjustment was necessary, was agreed to, and was granted.

  2. If the adjustment involves new end dates, a new budget, a change to an existing budget, or additional funds on an award, the Controller's Office should be notified of these changes and receive a letter from the sponsor agreeing to these adjustments. In the case of a new or adjusted budget, a copy of the new and approved budget should be included as well. It is extremely important that budget adjustments be submitted and entered as soon as possible to ensure accurate analysis.

  3. Other adjustments such as address changes, corrections, etc. can be handled via email request. Please forward any relevant emails or other contact between the parties involved indicating that the adjustments have been agreed to.