The Controller's Office tracks grant fund end dates on an ongoing basis to be sure that P.I.'s and administrative staff are aware of grants that are coming to an end. Grant funds that have end dates approaching within 90 days following the current closed period will be targeted for inquiry. If the grant fund is part of the Women's Center for Research, the Accounting Manager at the Women's Center will be contacted to answer any questions regarding extensions that may be in the works or additional awards we are waiting on. Similarly, the Controller's Office will work with the P.I.'s and department staff on grant funds that are not associated with the Women's Ctr.

At times, it will become apparent that an extension is needed to complete the work on the grant fund. Different sponsors deal with extensions in different ways. Some sponsors require a formal request letter and budget documentation, whereas other sponsors will grant the extension based on an email or online notification. Please be sure to contact the Controller's Office or the WCW Accounting Manager if you are considering requesting an extension on an award.


  1. It is extremely important that the Controller's Office be updated on extensions that are in process, or ones that have been granted, before the end date arrives. The Banner Financial System relies heavily on the correct dates being assigned so grants that have ended are not charged in error, and those that are still active do not have charges rejected.

  2. To process an extension in the system, it is important that the Controller's Office receives a formal letter from the sponsor indicating that the extension was approved and granted. The new end dates and any new requirements, reporting dates, etc. should also be outlined in this notification.

  3. In the absence of a formal letter, other documentation will be accepted on non-federal awards provided that the information is accurate and contains all of the necessary data needed to set the extension up in Banner.

  4. Once the extension has been set up in Banner, the P.I. will be notified of the extension, the new end dates, and any new reports or other changes that may have resulted from the extension.