All new awards for sponsored agreements made to the College must be submitted to the Controller's Office for set-up in the Banner financial system. The Pre-Award functions are responsible for obtaining the award letter and providing documentation pertaining to the award to the Controller's office. These documents are critical for ensuring proper and accurate set-up and administration of the award. They provide information regarding the start and end dates, award amounts, terms and conditions, reporting requirements, payment and invoicing, etc. that is needed to ensure that we are in compliance with the award. Once all of the necessary information is received by the Controller's Office, the fund will be set up in Banner and assigned a FOAPAL number within 2 business days.


  1. Once the College has received official notification of the new award, the department responsible for obtaining the award must forward the following documents to the Controller's Office for proper set-up in Banner:
    • The Award Letter
    • The Award Budget
    • A copy of any check or payment that may have been made at the time of award
    • A completed Grant Set-Up form
  2. Based on the information provided in the Grant Set-up form and other documentation, the new award will be assigned a FOAPAL number and set up in the Banner financial system.
  3. Once the set-up is complete, the P.I. on the award (for all Non-Women's Ctr awards) will receive a Grant Notification Letter and a copy of the Grant Budget via email from the Controller's Office. Included in the Grant Notification Letter will be:
    • the Banner Grant (FOAPAL) number assigned to this award
    • a summary of the important information regarding the start and end dates, the award amount, the project period, the reporting requirements and due dates, formats, etc
    • links to the Sponsor's website for reference
    • a link to the Accounts Payable Signature Authorization form to be filled out and returned to the Accounts Payable Office to allow for authorization to charge to the fund
    • a link to the Banner Access and Financial User forms to be completed and returned as instructed to allow the P.I. to view and query the fund in Banner
  4. Awards made to the Women's Ctr will be set up in Banner and assigned a FOAPAL number by the Controller's Office. The Accounting Manager at the Women's Ctr will receive an email that the award has been set up. The Accounting Manager will assume the responsibilty of notifying the P.I. at the Women's Ctr of the new award, its terms and conditions, etc.

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