Sponsored Agreements made to the College are typically awarded in response to a proposal submitted some time in advance of the award based on terms, conditions, and formats required by the Sponsor. The process of searching for funding sources, finding potential awards, working with Principal Investigators (P.I.'s) to prepare and submit a proposal for funding, and providing all of the necessary documentation, forms, disclosures, etc. required before the award is made is commonly referred to as the "Pre-Award" function of Sponsored Programs.

The Pre-award functions on campus are handled by different departments depending on the recipient of the award.

  • Faculty
    The faculty at Wellesley College receive a variety of different types of awards from various sources including many federal agencies, private foundations, other colleges and universities and other entities to conduct research, run educational programs, form and administer consortia, etc. The pre-award functions for faculty awards are handled by Liz Demski, the Director of Sponsored Research and Assistant Dean of the College.

  • Office of the Dean of the College
    The Dean's Office receives a number of awards primarily from private foundations to run educational programs, develop curriculum, and provide faculty members with research and other opportunities that might not be available otherwise. The pre-award functions for the Dean's Office awards are handled by Karen Ossen, the Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations.

  • The Wellesley Centers for Women
    The Wellesley Centers for Women receive a variety of different types of awards from Federal, State, and Local government agencies, private foundations, educational institutions, and private industry to conduct research, perform services, etc. The Director of Pre-Award Services at the Wellesley Centers for Women is Kris Monahan.

  • Davis Museum and Cultural Center
    The Davis Museum and Cultural Center receives funding from Federal and State agencies as well as from Private Foundations to assist in areas of operation, exhibitions, and conservation. The Pre-award contact at the museum is Dennis McFadden, Associate Director of the Davis Museum.

Please contact these people or offices should you have any questions regarding the pre-award functions of sponsored programs at the College.