Based on the information provided and my observations, this report provides a discussion on findings and recommendations to help Wellesley College in their safety and risk management programs.


During our meeting we met with Jodi Williams, Risk and Compliance Manager at Wellesley College.  Also present at the meeting was Ruth Rogers, Curator – Special Collections; Eileen Hardy, Collections Management Group Manager and Chris Card, Facilities Manager.  Ginger Zimmerman, Account Executive of Travelers Inland Marine Unit also attended.  The goals for the meeting were to review potential loss exposures and controls in regard to the rare books and special collections and review general security and theft prevention as well as fire protection devices.


The following recommendations are offered to help you in your efforts to improve your current safety program and help reduce your potential losses. 


12-01    Employee Training With Fire Extinguishers

Provide hands on portable fire extinguisher training for all employees so that in the event of a fire they know where to find the appropriate fire extinguisher and are able to operate if they can safely extinguish the fire if the circumstances warrant.

12-02    Keep Doors Closed Between Floor

To reduce possible spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire, the doors on the stairways between the stacks should be kept closed at all times.  If doors must be held open, they should be provided with UL listed automatic releasing hold-open devices that will release the door upon sensing a fire condition.


Wellesley College Lake Waban
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