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Taking Care of Yourself 

Mental Health Online Screening Program

 The Counseling Service is pleased to announce that we are now offering an Online Screening Program for Mental Health to all Wellesley College students.  This tool provides online screening for depression, alcohol, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder.  It is free and anonymous and is being provided so that users can find out, in a private and confidential manner, whether professional support would be helpful.  (This link can only be accessed via MyWellesley.)  more...


Are these just the Blues or Am I Depressed?
How Therapy Helps People Recover From Depression.


When Grieving

Alcohol and Other Drugs

See Alcohol Education on the Health Service website.
Local Alcohol Anonymous & Al-Anon Meetings

Eating Concerns

20 Ways to Loving Your Body
How do you know that you might have an Eating Disorder?
Things to do instead of Bingeing
Eating & Body Image Resources
Twelve Ideas to Help People with Eating Disorders Negotiate the Holidays NEDA
How to Help a Loved One

Rape, Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence

What you should know about Sexual Assault
Sexual Violence Awareness & Education
Self Care Through DeStressing
Accepting Range of Emotions


Suicide Myths
Suicide Intervention
Helping Students Cope with Sudden Death
Risk Factors: Associated with an Increased Occurrence of Suicidal Behavior
Signs of Distress

Self-Care Tips

Tips on How to De-Stress and Take Care of Yourself
Tips for Self-Care while Transitioning to College
Procrastination Tips 

How to Help a Friend

Tips for Effective Listening


LGBTQ Resource Guide 

Stone Center Counseling Service LGBTQ Resource Guide


Understand the Individual Effects of a Disaster

Understand the Individual Effects of a Disaster


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