Taking Care of Yourself

Wellesley College, Lake Waban
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Taking Care of Yourself 


Are these just the Blues or Am I Depressed?
How Therapy Helps People Recover From Depression.


When Grieving

Alcohol and Other Drugs

See Alcohol Education on the Health Service website.
Local Alcohol Anonymous & Al-Anon Meetings

Eating Concerns

20 Ways to Loving Your Body
How do you know that you might have an Eating Disorder?
Things to do instead of Bingeing
Eating & Body Image Resources
Twelve Ideas to Help People with Eating Disorders Negotiate the Holidays NEDA
How to Help a Loved One

Rape, Sexual Assault and Interpersonal Violence

What you should know about Sexual Assault
Sexual Misconduct/Title IX
Sexual Violence Awareness & Education
Self Care Through DeStressing
Accepting Range of Emotions


Suicide Myths
Suicide Intervention
Helping Students Cope with Sudden Death
Risk Factors: Associated with an Increased Occurrence of Suicidal Behavior
Signs of Distress
The JED Foundation

Self-Care Tips

Tips on How to De-Stress and Take Care of Yourself
Tips for Self-Care while Transitioning to College
Procrastination Tips 
Transitional Tips for Davis Scholars
Common Responses to Truma - And Coping Strategies

How to Help a Friend

Tips for Effective Listening


LGBTQ Resource Guide 

Stone Center Counseling Service LGBTQ Resource Guide


Understand the Individual Effects of a Disaster

Understand the Individual Effects of a Disaster


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